All inlays for the clasps are handmade, paying exceptional attention to detail, within small design ateliers in Germany and Switzerland. We try to use reclaimed materials for the inlays as much as we can. This takes a lot more effort than buying new materials off the shelf, but guarantees a much richer story behind the product and makes use of materials already in circulation, reducing the need for the production of new materials. 


However, we are fascinated by the beauty of, and possibilities with, many natural materials and will always be on the hunt for new ideas in our clasp collection. 

Ready-to-buy clasp inlay designs currently on offer include: marble, glass, metal and leather. Crystal inlays are made to order.

All DISSELHOFF bags are hand-crafted by artisans in ateliers of Italy and Germany. Every stitch is considered and perfectly-placed, to ensure your product will stand the test of time. The artisans who craft our bags are paid a fair wage and have exceptionally clean, brightly-lit conditions. We hope to share more of their stories and the process of hand-crafting your bag, as DISSELHOFF grows. 

Stone Texture


The handle elements are made from native beech and hazelnut within Europe, which tell their own story, thanks to the pattern of each one being absolutely unique.

We use reclaimed or remnant wood from a small, owner-managed carpenter’s shop in Germany.


These elements hold a DISSELHOFF design together, and so durability of material and mechanical function is key. The splints, soil nails and clasps are hand-made from stainless steel in Germany.


We chose to work with steel because of its durability and beautiful colour. We have powder-coated clasps available in black and are planning to develop more powder-coated pieces in more subtle and eye-popping options.