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We design carefully and with a minimal approach, always asking ourselves what we can leave out, rather than add on.

We believe less is more, and your style will always shout louder with an elegantly simple, statement item. We are committed to the concept of reduce, reuse, recycle, and the idea of reduction runs through our entire process, from the paper we design on, to the trips taken for sourcing materials, to the carbon footprint linked to our production. 

Our design philosophy favours timeless, season-less designs with versatile styling, that compliment any trend but are not restrained by it. So when you choose a DISSELHOFF handbag for your collection, you are choosing to consume less, safe in the knowledge that your bag will never go out of style. Update your design with a new season clasp, for a new pop of colour. Or choose a bag that can be carried multiple ways and customised with different shoulder straps.


Our bags are made from clean and ethically-sound materials, produced under fair conditions within Europe, that offer a surprise with the unexpected use of natural materials such as marble, wood, crystals and steel.


The result is conscious, timeless pieces, hand-crafted using traditional craftsmanship, in Europe.


A piece you will reach for, for every occasion, again and again.

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